Training Syllabus:





1.   Introduction to Synchronous Generators

a.   What is a synchronous generator?

b.   Basic synchronous genartor theory

c.    The componen parts of a synchronous generator

d.   Synchronous generator examples

2.   Introduction to Excitation Systems:

a.   What is an Excitation System?

b.   Basic Excitation Theory

c.    Why do we need one?

d.   Excitation system examples

3.   Brushless / rotating excitation systems

a.   What is brushless excitation ?

b.   Brushless and rotating – what’s the difference?

c.    Advantages and disadvantages

d.   Case studies

4.   Static Excitation System

a.   What is Static Excitation ?

b.   Advantages and disadvantages

c.    Case studies

5.   The Capability Diagram (Operating Chart)

a.   What does the capability diagram tell us?

b.   Different types of Diagram

c.    The under Excitation limiter

d.   The over Excitation limiter

e.    Case Studies

6.   Excitation System Components

a.   The PMG / HFA

b.   The Exciter

c.    The Reciter

d.   The Static rectifier

e.    The excitation transformer

f.     AVR Output Stages

g.   Component Examples

7.   Closed Loop Control Theory

a.   Genarator Voltage Control

b.   Field Current control

c.    The Tansfer Function Diagram

8.   Parallel Operation of Generators

a.   Problems With Parallel Operation

b.   Droop (Compounding) AVR Control

c.    Reactive Load Sharing

d.   Power Factor Control

e.    Mvar Control

f.     Power Syste, Stabilisers

9.   Commissioning Operation and Maintenance

a.   Excitation System Commissioning

b.   What happens When it Goes Wrong

c.    Transmission Company Compliance

d.   Troubleshooting

e.    Preventive Maintenance

f.     Excitation Performance Evaluation

10.  Excitation System Standards

·         IEEE std 421.2 – Guide for Identification, Testing, and Evaluation of the Dynamic

11.  Performance of Excitation Control System

·         IEEE Std 421.5 – Recommended Practice For Excitation System Models



INSTRUCTOR :   Ir. Hasan Surya, MT. and Team


VENUE :  Kagum Group Hotel Bandung (Golden Flower, Banana Inn, Serela, Gino Feruci), Amaroossa Hotel, Noor Hotel, Grand Setiabudi Hotel, dll





1.  15 Jan 2018-18 Jan 2018

2.  27 Feb 2018-02 Mar 2018

3.  27 Mar 2018-30 Mar 2018

4.  24 Apr 2018-27 Apr 2018

5.  29 May 2018-01 Jun 2018

6.  25 Jun 2018-28 Jun 2018

7.  24 Jul 2018-27 Jul 2018

8.  13 Aug 2018-16 Aug 2018

9.  25 Sep 2018-28 Sep 2018

10.  15 Oct 2018-18 Oct 2018

11.  27 Nov 2018-30 Nov 2018

12.  11 Dec 2018-14 Dec 2018




         1.    Rp 7.950.000/person (full fare)  or

         2.    Rp 7.750.000/person (early bird, payment 1 week before training)  or

         3.    Rp 7.500.000/person (if there are 3 or more participants from the same company)




1.    Training Module

2.    Flash Disk contains training material

3.    Certificate

4.    Stationeries: NoteBook and Ballpoint

5.    T-Shirt

6.    Backpack

7.    Training Photo

8.    Training room with Full AC facilities and multimedia

9.    Lunch and twice coffeebreak every day of training

10. Qualified Instructor

11. Transportation for participants from hotel of participants to/from hotel of training – VV (if minimal participants is 4 persons from the same company)